Why our programs ?





By choosing one of our summer programs, participants have the possibility of ...

  • being part of UQAM summer schools which, every summer, welcome Canadian and international students who come to study French and/or English as foreign languages;
  • putting together and thus creating their own personalized language program, whether they study French and/or English. This "à la carte" approach helps to meet both academic and financial expectations;
  • attending courses taught by university-qualified teachers and professors well versed in teaching French or English as a second language and with a long-standing expertise and a concrete knowledge of cosmopolitan student clienteles' specific needs and expectations;
  • following a rich and varied language program that gives the opportunity to reach linguistic objectives, be they written or oral;
  • acquiring, for teachers of French as a foreign language, the latest pedagogical tools in the field, while discovering the richness of Quebec culture and society through numerous workshops and outings;
  • taking part in numerous social and cultural outings organized and supervised by our team;
  • receiving a certificate of course participation upon a successful completion of one of our language programs.